REPCO History

When Fred Zaegel started his commercial printing company in 1966, he did so with specific goals in mind: to create a can-do culture with his employees; to provide unheard-of, over-the-top service for his customers; and to build a world-class company to pass down to his family.

He started REPCO Printing in the Cortex District on Duncan and Newstead Avenues that year, and as customers required warehousing and fulfillment, he moved the business to a larger building on Hanley Industrial Court. Word about the company's exceptional service spread, and, in 1993, an even larger building became necessary. REPCO found its home in St. Louis County-in a 115,000 square-foot facility - where it is today.

Fred’s goal of creating a legacy was fulfilled in 1989 when his son Fritz joined the staff, ultimately becoming President in 2001. World-class operations, a can-do attitude and over-the-top service are the cornerstones of REPCO’s past, present and future.